Our humble beginnings were over 35 years ago.

Our leader and company owner, Mike Peterman began the company that we admire today. He has held the position as the Director of the Illinois Manufacturing Housing Association, sales manager and owner of Wildwood Home Sales and Supply from 1991-2001. As the current owner of Wildwood Supply he has insight into the industry that is invaluable to managing a community. 

Do you have a passion for helping and understanding people? Do you have flair and drive?

We're always looking for new talent to help us expand our pool of Executive Client Services. If you have a true passion for helping others live their dreams, we're where you want to be.


  • Competitive compensation
  • Amazing benefits 
  • Lucrative opportunities

Please visit the careers section to view our opportunities or to make an enquiry.


We understand your unique needs and tastes

Southern Oaks Mobile Home Community is a family owned business with 77 home sites.The community has continually been a mixture of couples, professionals, retired, and students. Some homes are sold to individuals that reside within homes and others are rented.

We have full time staff in our office,which is located at 6755 Giant City Road.Our maintenance personnel is full time, and offers assistance on home maintenance from our office in the Wildwood Mobile Home Supply.


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